Hardware Security’s Hall of Fame

We hand out a number of awards at the end of our signature annual Hardware Security course. At the request of the students, we will be maintaining this hall of fame page with those who won the best demo awards over the years.

2023 (Hats)

Andrea Lepori and Filippo Visconti

2022 (Thermos)

Alexander Klukas and Tobias Kovats

2021 (Gwtie)

Sandro Rüegge and Lukas Meier

2020 (CPU)

Stijn Gunter and Marc-Philippe Bartholomä

2019 (CUP)

Finn de Ridder and Rico van Stigt

2018 (HWnie)

Erik Kooistra and Thomas Schaper

2017 (Lock)

Eric Soldierer and Jakob Koschel

2016 (Medal)

Petar Vukmirovic and Andrea Jemmett