Kaveh Razavi
Flavien Solt
Katharina Ceesay-Seitz
PhD student
Patrick Jattke
PhD student
Michele Marazzi
PhD student
Silvan Niederer
PhD student
Finn de Ridder
PhD student
Sandro Rüegge
PhD student
Johannes Wikner
PhD student

Former PhD students

Student projects

  • Diego Meyer, Semester Project, FS’24 – Rowhammer Attacks on the Hyprevisor
  • Jean-Claude Graf, Semester Project, FS’24 – Reverse Engineering the BPU
  • Jonas Buchholz, B.Sc. Thesis, HS’23 – Multicore Support for a RISC-V Kernel
  • Silvan Niederer, M.Sc. Thesis, HS’23 – Persistent Executables
  • Lara Lazier, M.Sc. Thesis, HS’23 – Reducing Blacksmith Patterns
  • Daniël Trujillo, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Training in Transient Execution
  • Sandro Ruegge, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Microarchitectural Checkpoint/Restore
  • Tristan Ballantyne, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – DRAM Imaging and Applications
  • Andrej Gorjan, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Microarch. attacks with THPs and defenses
  • Tobias Kovats, Semester Project – FS’23, Embargo
  • Alexander Klukas, Semester Project – FS’23, Counterexample Analysis
  • Zhenrong Lang, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Blaster Rowhammer Patterns
  • Romino Steiner, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Simulating Rowhammer Mitigations
  • Max Wipfli, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – ZenHammer
  • Stefan Gloor, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – A DRAM Fault Injection Platform
  • Jennifer Schmitz, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Isolation in an Optane File System
  • David Wilhelmy, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Bypassing FGKASLR
  • Benjamin Lang, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Intel CET vs. Transient Execution Attacks
  • Daniel Pfister, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Exploiting AMD Dual-threaded Mode
  • Tristan Ballantyne – Semester Project, HS’22 – DRAM Imaging
  • Matej Bölcskei, Semester Project, HS’22 – Reliable DDR4 Rowhammering
  • Jason Zibung, B.Sc. Thesis, HS’22 – FreeRide
  • Jonas Schmid, B.Sc. Thesis, HS’22 – Visualizing DRAM Traffic
  • Maximilian Sabayev, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Formal Analysis of Probabilistic TRR
  • Banu Cavlak, Semester Project, FS’22 – Guided Blacksmith
  • Quentin Bordier, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Optimizing CellIFT
  • Loris Sikora, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Discovery of Spectre Disclosure Gadgets in Linux
  • Jean-Claude Graf, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Speculative Retbleed
  • Georg Schwan, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Booting Linux on Persistent Memory
  • Daniël Trujillo, Semester Project, FS’22 – Phantom JMPs
  • Adriel Tan, Semester Project, FS’22 – Architectural Exploration for Fuzzing
  • Guillaume Thivolet, Semester Project, FS’22 – An FPGA Port of CellIFT
  • Matej Bölcskei, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Rowhammer Exploitation with DDR4
  • Clément Thorens, Semester Project, FS’22 – Reverse Engineering Discrete GPUs
  • Christian Hürlimann, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Reducing Blacksmith Patterns
  • Stijn Gunter, M.Sc. Thesis, HS’21 – Fuzzing USB Host Controllers
  • Tobias Riedener, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – A Persistent Memory File System
  • Rafael Dejonghee, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Microarchitectural Resource Partitioning
  • Diego Meyer, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – VMM Extensions and Transient Execution Attacks
  • Stijn Gunter, Semester Project, FS’21 – An FPGA-based Rowhammer Testing Platform
  • Leonardo Galli, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Fuzzing the iOS Bootloader
  • Moritz Schneider, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Building an OS Kernel in Rust
  • Tobias Riedener, Semester Thesis, HS’20 – Optane and Microarchitectural Resources