Kaveh Razavi
Katharina Ceesay-Seitz
PhD student
Patrick Jattke
PhD student
Michele Marazzi
PhD student
Finn de Ridder
PhD student
Flavien Solt
PhD student
Johannes Wikner
PhD student

Former PhD students

Student projects

  • Daniël Trujillo, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Training in Transient Execution
  • Sandro Ruegge, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Embargo
  • Tristan Ballantyne, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – DRAM Imaging and Applications
  • Andrej Gorjan, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Microarch. attacks with THPs and defenses
  • Tobias Kovats, Semester Project – FS’23, Embargo
  • Alexander Klukas, Semester Project – FS’23, Counterexample Analysis
  • Zhenrong Lang, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Blaster Rowhammer Patterns
  • Romino Steiner, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Simulating Rowhammer Mitigations
  • Max Wipfli, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Embargo
  • Stefan Gloor, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – A DRAM Fault Injection Platform
  • Jennifer Schmitz, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Isolation in an Optane File System
  • David Wilhelmy, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Embargo
  • Benjamin Lang, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Intel CET vs. Transient Execution Attacks
  • Daniel Pfister, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’23 – Exploiting AMD Dual-threaded Mode
  • Tristan Ballantyne – Semester Project, HS’22 – DRAM Imaging
  • Matej Bölcskei, Semester Project, HS’22 – Reliable DDR4 Rowhammering
  • Jason Zibung, B.Sc. Thesis, HS’22 – Embargo
  • Jonas Schmid, B.Sc. Thesis, HS’22 – Visualizing DRAM Traffic
  • Maximilian Sabayev, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Formal Analysis of Probabilistic TRR
  • Banu Cavlak, Semester Project, FS’22 – Guided Blacksmith
  • Quentin Bordier, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Optimizing CellIFT
  • Loris Sikora, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Discovery of Spectre Disclosure Gadgets in Linux
  • Jean-Claude Graf, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Speculative Retbleed
  • Georg Schwan, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Booting Linux on Persistent Memory
  • Daniël Trujillo, Semester Project, FS’22 – Phantom JMPs
  • Adriel Tan, Semester Project, FS’22 – Architectural Exploration for Fuzzing
  • Guillaume Thivolet, Semester Project, FS’22 – An FPGA Port of CellIFT
  • Matej Bölcskei, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Rowhammer Exploitation with DDR4
  • Clément Thorens, Semester Project, FS’22 – Reverse Engineering Discrete GPUs
  • Christian Hürlimann, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’22 – Reducing Blacksmith Patterns
  • Stijn Gunter, M.Sc. Thesis, HS’21 – Fuzzing USB Host Controllers
  • Tobias Riedener, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – A Persistent Memory File System
  • Rafael Dejonghee, M.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Microarchitectural Resource Partitioning
  • Diego Meyer, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – VMM Extensions and Transient Execution Attacks
  • Stijn Gunter, Semester Project, FS’21 – An FPGA-based Rowhammer Testing Platform
  • Leonardo Galli, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Fuzzing the iOS Bootloader
  • Moritz Schneider, B.Sc. Thesis, FS’21 – Building an OS Kernel in Rust
  • Tobias Riedener, Semester Thesis, HS’20 – Optane and Microarchitectural Resources