Learning Agreement (ETH MSc students)

This page provides some information about the Learning Agreement for ETH MSc students at D-ITET. The general rule is to have a minimum of 24 credit points in core courses and 40 credit points in specialization courses, but not many more. It is not possible to have core courses that are not considered “regular”.

Think about a direction for your master studies and pick the courses according to that rather an ad-hoc selection of courses. However, I encourage you to take 2-3 courses just to explore around and gain some auxiliary expertise. Once you settled on the courses you want to take, email me a picture of what you have selected in mystudies and we can then see whether a meeting is necessary. Of course you can always write me an email if you want to discuss something related to your studies.

Note that I take the “agreement” part of the Learning Agreement seriously and only allow changes under very special circumstances (e.g., a course getting cancelled). I recommend that you look at the courses carefully before committing to them in your Learning Agreement.